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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  October 22, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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so he will be spending a year in jail. we are told that the couple is sill together. >> true love. >> it is. >> look at the lengths he went to make her happy. >> he looks so normal. ill conceived but his heart was in the right place. here is gretchen. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks guys. how politics and price points may have caused the glitches in the obama care website. and could missing baby lisa be that mystery blond girl be that girl found with the couple in greece? and the doctor accused of murdering his wife. >> hi, everyone.
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i hope you are having a fantastic tuesday. new fall out today after the president admitted problems with the website. long time adviser will be brought into work on the fixes on a temporary bases. but the firestorm not quieting down. to secretary of the health and human services gearing up to testify about that troubled roll out. watch this. >> hhs and cms have launched a tech surge that is well underway bringing some of the most talented experted to bear on this problem and they are working 24/7 on fixing the website. you know we are not interested in monday morning quarterbacking. >> chief white house correspondent ed henry, that is
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an interesting comment. almost everyone is asking about this now. >> the administration's broader point jay carney again today they think it is more important to focus on fixing the website and getting people health insurance. what about who may have fumbled here. kathleen sebelius if you don't figure out what went wrong how are you going to figure out the issues as this law is implemented in the years and months ahead? you mentioned jeffrey zions, very significant. he will be coming back in and is now on short-term loan, he is a
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management expert and former ceo, how do you fix this thing and get the website going so that more people can navigate their way through it. the washington post had a article out today saying that weeks before the launch of the website there was a test down of millions of people logging on and it crashed. so i just pressed jay carney at the briefing to find out what the white house new before october 1st about this test. >> was anyone in the white house informed at that time dayi ins before the launch that this key test had failed. >> first of all, we are expecting that by the end of the six month enrollment period that miggions of americans will be enrolled to get health
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insurance. we never expected that we would get millions of people in the first few weeks. >> i went onto ask about the cost to taxpayers to have the tech surge he referred me to the health and human services department. my colleague followed up and said that is a fair question and what is the cost estimate? how much is it going to cost to fix all of this and jay carney said i refer you to the health and human services department. it is pretty clear they are deflecting the questions. >> he didn't answer your question anyway. ed henry, thank you so much. >> we could learn more now about the development of the trouble
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ed obama care website. good to see you now, congressman. we just talked to ed henry and he is trying to get answers from jay carney about what went wrong. >> it is only the first few minutes of the first quarter. there will be triggiollions of dollars spent on obama care. it is realtime and you have a real problem because of political interference. they were told to bury the information that people wanted most which is what do the programs have and what is the price? with jeffrey coming in, i appreciate his experience but every member that worked on this can go to fehbp, google that two clicks and you can look at every
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price and every program national and regional and you can see what their subsidy s that is a simple site. they went the other way and broke best practices and buried the information. >> that is your startling allegation today. but why, why do you believe they did that? >> sticker shock. it was supposed to be patient protection and affordable care act. instead it is throwing millions of people off of the health care that they had and may have different features that are mandated by law but don't have what people want at a price they want them. >> but you also believe congress, man, that by allegedly hiding these prices that somehow that prevented these contractors from using what is considered to be best practices and putting
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together the website how so. that is what the contractors told us. if you go to the government employee site, a couple of clicks, omg where jeffrey used to work.kcan click and compare. if all of your millions of watchers right now clicked on it, that sight is not going down. it is simple political interference a month out hid the problem and buried the information they didn't want seen which made the site more vulnerable to work slower. it is less than two months to put politics ahead of real health care needs. originally they said her schedule was too tight for her
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to join you on thursday. is that good enough for you? >> well, that is a decision that you always work with the administration. but the truth is they don't want to come before us. they want to say people are too busy to answer questions. she didn't know anything about what was going on and made false statements about how the site was on time and on budget when they knew it wasn't true. should they come and answer questions when they have given m miss snleading information? get the heck out of their way. that is for the secretary that has been interfering with a controversial program. my job is to make sure that they comply with the law and clearly politics got in the way of their doing that. >> congressman, thank you so
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much for your time today. >> a new low for lawmakers in the wake of the government stand off. >> look at the latest abc news washington post poll. 85% disapprove. this is the new fact 43% of femal people approve of their representatives. >> the president is a bit better off. it is essentially the same as it was before the shut down. does that mean that he may have escaped unscathed? what do you think? do you approve of the jobs that the president and congress are doing? e-mail us and tweet us the real
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story. we will read your tweets at the end of the show. >> the fall out raising new questions, coming up, why some say immigration reform -- >> coming up doctor charged with murdering his wife. >> why police are calling teacher a hero. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
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and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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the airlines mean went down last wednesday during a heavy storm. it struck a river bank and then plowed into a river. >> after a two and a half week delay we are getting a look now at last month's job's numbers. employers added 148,000 jobs during september.
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>> oh, it is wonderful that he admitted that finally. it has been a obsession, this has been a diversion for the american people and obstructi obstructionist not only the american people. >> in what way? >> not only has he promised improvement but so have the republicans, elect us to take over the house and america did. where are the jobs that they have created? >> the same could be asked by the republicans. >> wow, this is amazing this is the responsibility free administration. that was striking. i have never heard that approach that we will blame it all on the house of representatives. >> for a record number of months, and that doesn't count
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the number of people that have given up which that has doubled under president obama. the 7.2 number is a phony number. the real number is like 12%. for the president not coming up for a plan in months to talk about jobs. first of all, it amazes me that the party of less big government that the party to create jobs. you heard what chris said, you have a five year low and those numbers aren't right. when the market goes up and the stock futures have risen today those numbers can't be right. we have to focus on the short
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aage of jobs. but there was a freeze and by companies, even my own in hiring because we didn't know. would we go into default. >> we come full circle back to obama care and many americans wanted him to talk about jobs and we are full circle again talking about obama care instead of talking about jobs. what will the republicans and democrats do as the new cuts of sequester come forward and what will the strategy be about taxes. do they believe that they won and now they can force republicans to have to raise taxes? >> yes, they believe that they won. yes, the perennial desire is to raise taxes but of course it won't be on you. it will be on the other guy.
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making all of the money on wall street thanks to that $85 billion a month being infused. sure, they think that they won. they want higher taxes and it is one of these polarized issues. and they say it won't affect the middle class but of course it will. they want republicans to sign off on $50 billion worth of tax increases. let's face it. they hate the sequester cuts way more than republicans right. i wouldn't disagree on that. where both sides agree, we need spending cuts. when you look at food stamps which is a very smaller s percentage, democrats view the republicans as wanting to attack the people who are having the
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hardest time. like those who are rescipients f food stamps. >> let me go to immigration for a moment. the president had signaled that once the shut down was settled that immigration was next on the pla plate. the president said no can do by the way this whole other thing was handled. >> will the president get it down is probably a separate issue. and this is the truth. this is the scuttlebutt around the city. the president and the democrats see the immigration reform bill as another prepolarized issue as a weapon going in against the republicans. certainly the republican leaders are looking to advance some form
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of immigration reform but don't look for any negotiating. he is seeking to destroy the republican party and it is a race based coalition. it is the black vote and the hispanic vote. this is how they view america. not as voters. this is a greateat weapon comin up. >> oh god ted cruz and the t teapulicans are destroying your party. it is the fastest growing population in the united states. the democratics of the voting population have changed. as a democrat, my buddies are going to do very well in election after election.
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republicans would benefit from immigration reform. you can't ignore over 11 million people. >> you both have great points on that and it will remain to be seen whether or not the president goes after that reform or not. >> even the president admits that the obama care website is a mess. but guess what? there were warning signs about that in a scathing new report. >> plus cameras rolling when things got spooky inside this store. the ghostly robber coming up. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
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three weeks after the botched roll out, the experts who built it begged for a delay. leading voice of silicon valley bashing the administration's plans to fix it with a tech surge. saying quote, the system is already built, it is already a disaster. you could get mark zucherberg and others on a plane but what are they going to do at this point. hi, julie. >> thank you for having me. >> they announced the lead tech surge guy former acting guy of o and b is going to step in. have you heard of other tech experts who are going to come to
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the stage and help this dibachle? >> we are told that some people who are part of what is known as the white house innovation fellows group will be joining on and people from outside of government who will be coming into weapon with this tech surge. so at this point, it is pretty generic the information we are getting. you have been doing a lot of reporting on this. i thought it was so noteworthy that jay carney intimated that this administration would be looking at a delay for the individual mandate and you juxtaposed that, with the fact that republicans wanted a delay. >> the one thing i would say that is that we are in the first
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three weeks of a sign up period. no one is talking about announcing a delay in the coming days. that is largely for people who are going to sign up. and they would be hit with a penalty and it would be unfair to penalize someone because the infrastructure wasn't working. we are quite a bit of time away from an announcement of a delay if it comes to that point. senator rubio would like to have this delay until the sight is fixed? >> no one in the white house is talking about it that i have heard. >> what about the white house glitches being emblem attic?
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>> the white house has raised questions but the preparedness for rolling out what is really the center piece of the health care law. this isn't something that popped up a couple of months ago. this was something that they have known for quite some time that was going to happen. it raises questions of whether there are problems with other aspects of health care. we don't yet know if they are going to get proper information to the insurance companyies and if the make up of the pool of people is going to match to what the administration says they need is going to stay down. >> all i can say is for people at home, they are going whew, i
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can't keep up with it. if you are one of these people you have no idea what is coming next. >> go ahead. >> give me a ten second response. >> one of the big kconcerns is that young people are going to be frustrated. and they are the ones new need to sign up. >> thank you. >> a blond angel that is what the parents of baby lisa call this little girl who was found in greece. >> plus her name is gypsy and she is the mistress of a doctor who is accused of murdering his wife and she even came to her funeral. >> and a sponge bob head stone for an iraq veteran? but that is not why the family
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al qaeda terror suspect think trial today in a new york city courtroom. he was tcaptured this month in libya by u.s. special forces. and a report that the u.s. army
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is cutting 80,000 soldiers in two years instead of four. the army forces command blamini it on the budget cuts. >> scientists say a current may have carried the oarfish to shore. >> glitches, glitches, glitches, glitches, the bugs, the kinks whatever you want to call this. >> glitches. apparently the website has 99 problems but a glitch is all of them. >> and that was jon stewart last night talking about the president admitting there were problems with the website. signaling a dramatic shift when
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it comes to covering this president. joining me, howard kurst. >> hi. >> why the sudden shift, you have jon stewart taking shots at the president. >> if you have lost jon stewart, they are not getting the answers. this morning's washington's post. launched despite warning signs. weeks of work on health site. you have a combination of people who are normally liberal supporters of the president. >> do you think that it goes
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deeper than just the glitches with the website? will main stream media reporter hes now dig deeper with huge problems with it now? >> i won't use the word bliglits now. we are talking about deep-seeded management problems here. i think that the administration has a big problem here and the press is piling on. now the problems with obama care front and center. >> okay. many people were analyzing the president's speech yesterday and some saying it was very
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campaignish and it made us think about former speeches. >> december 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy. >> in the world of freedom, the proud e proudest -- >> mr. gorbachov, tear down this wall. >> three president, juxtaposed to this yesterday. >> you can get your questions answered by real people 24 hours a day in 150 different languages the phone number for these call centers is 1-800-318-2596. >> as somebody who follows the media and the way in which we
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get our information, did that strike you as odd that the president is giving out a 1-800 number? i don't think this was intended to be a big moment. i was wondering at one point if he was going to give away ginsu knifes if you act now. there have been hipeen hints in press that the president was going to hae responsibility for the problems that have plagued this roll out and instead it was interesting because journalists they didn't buy it this time. you yourself tweeted this is starting to sound like an
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infomercial throw in a free toaster. i think it is fair to say that his appearance today was the worst received since his first with mitt. >> they are being honest about how they feel about it. to be fair to the president, he was trying to defend and sell this program while acknowledging his problems. at the same time he seemed to compare to the handling of katrina or the iraq war. he could have done more to acknowledge the problems rather than seeming to minimize them. >> thank you so much. >> new testimony today in the murder trial of a prominent utah doctor accused of murdering his wife. he arranged for her to get a fi
11:40 am
face lift and then arranged for her to take a mixture of drugs. also he could be with his mistress gypsy? if you were defending this guy would you want to? >> that is tough for me. my personal circumstances my sister died a domestic violence victim. i couldn't. but we are talking about three years later and four medical examiners that looked at my wife's doddy and four doctors did not say that she was murdered. three said it was myocardia. >> when they look though, do they take into account that he is a doctor. when they look at somebody who has died and they are married to a doctor does bias faster in at
11:41 am
all? >> certainly he has a fantastic career and this was someone who was an up standing citizen. some of those biases will come in. >> we are starting to hear testimony from the first responders who have testified that this doctor, this husband was in their way as they were trying to keep his wife alive. i think it will hurt him. these 12 jurors are sitting there saying you had the motivation. if the exthat marital affair comes in which it will. and third if your wife is unconscious and why are you standing in the way of them trying to resuscitate her and
11:42 am
bring her back. people have been brought back up to 15 minutes later after they have been pronounced dead. >> two of the daughters wanted this case reopened after it was not labeled a murder for three years they will be testifying as well. thank you so much. >> the mystery deepening for a little girl found living in a gypsy damp in greece? could she be baby lisa who vanished two years ago. >> and family and friends speaking out about the popular math teacher killed in the school shooting in nevada. [ male announcer ] this is brad.
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welcome back everyone. could a little girl rescued from a gypsy camp be the little girl named baby lisa? >> the girl found in greece is
11:46 am
on the right. her parents have contacted authorities in greece about whether the little girl could be their daughter. mark furman is a former homicide detective. >> this baby never been found. do you think that this boiby could be baby late ce sa? >> no. she would be 2 years 10 months old and this child is four years old more like five to six years old by forensic dental exams and is reported to be from northern european descent. i think it is ridiculous for the
11:47 am
irwins to make this assertion and i think it is quite stupid for them to do that. >> why? >> you look at the mother. she has never allowed herself to be alone interviewed. there has been reported of her changing the story on fox news of her being drunk. she changed the timeline and then she claims there were two cell phones that were taken at the time of this abduction. if we are going to fast forward to today she is going to claim that there was a gypsy band roaming the city and took her
11:48 am
baby and two phones and then snuck back to greece? >> you don't think so. >> it is pretty absurd. >> the important thing is there have been recoveries in the news as of late. people may say maybe, it could be. okay benefit of the doubt. kansas city detective you are assigned this case and the family contacts you. you send an e-mail or you make a phone call to the police department. send me the dna profile and it will be the same for the mother throughout generations of the females and if that was done it could be done in the time that we have been talking. >> all right. mark furman does not believe
11:49 am
that there is any truth to this. thank you so much. >> police searching for the motive in shooting. and who helped these guys walk out of jail with bogus court documents? right back. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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detectives still trying to piece together what led to yesterday's deadly shooting at a middle school outside of reno, nevada. family, friends and students are calling the teacher who was shot dead protect other kid a hero. trace gallagher is live. >> reporter: police are still not releasing the name of the 12-year-old boy who end of fire on campus but are saying he did apparently get the gun from his home. he went on the campus and shot one student and that's when the teacher, michael land berry, stepped between him and another student. he said, give me the gun.
11:53 am
witn boy looked at him, yelled no, and then opened fire. killing land berry, and then he shot another student before trying to get inside the school building. but students and teachers quickly secured the doors. that's when the boy turned the gun and shot himself in the head. listen to the 9-1-1 call. >> reporter: the shooterrer was down. as for the teacher, michael land berry, he was soccer and volleyball coach, a former marine and current member of the nevada national guard. he loved batman so much that many called him batman, some
11:54 am
posting on the web that bat mope had flown to heaven. some say the shooter had been bullied. police will not comment on the motivation. only say they are investigating whether or not the two other students who were shot were targeted, both of those students are expected to survive. gretchen. >> thanks for bring us the story. you can share your thoughts and feelings about the hero teacher. you simply can go to my facebook payment right here, karlson. i have a photo of the teacher hero. you can like a post and comment on it. i'm going to like it right now. and all the links to the "remember mr. michael lants berry" facebook page, you can do that from my facebook page. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a story out of ohio has a lot of
11:58 am
people fired up today. it's about a family of an iraq war veteran. they're furious after a gravestone built in their daughter's honor has been removed by the cemetery. it was made in the'm spongebob. it was taken down because the cemetery sis it does not fit in with the history of the space. the woman was found strangled in a colorado hotel room. her army boyfriend was charged in her killing. >> spooky action on cam. someone dressed up as a ghost running around the liquor store. the owners decided to check it out after noticing a few things are missing. the police said the ghost could face third degree-boog-lary charges. >> you tell it what you think
11:59 am
about darryl issa saying eye voiding sticker shock. >> i check out what my money would be and would be more than my already high premium at work. bruise says, i'm concerned about those whose health insurance has already been cancelled because it doesn't meet the aca standards. henry edwards on facebook, if i buy something and it doesn't work, i return it for a full refund. the company who built this must give our money back. >> and steven e-mails, if they have all those problems just signing up, what's going to happen when people make a claim and the insurance companies make payments, et cetera. well, thanks for sharing your thoughts on that topic today. keep sending them and we'll keep reading them. >> tomorrow, we'll have senator rand paul on picking up the pieces after the shutdown, and his proposal to have congress fall are in the same rules of
12:00 pm
everyone. and then the fight for immigration in the upcoming election. thanks for become part of "the real story" today. today on "shepard smith reporting," the little girl who was found in greece. don't know her name or her age. today there's an update and the father of pollyclass will be here to talk about the situation. and we'll have live on the show the girl who found a 3.85-carat diamond. the new ipad is lightning fast. the latest from the folks at apple, so let's get to it. first, at 3:00 this afternoon, the jobs picture. the nation are unemployment rate


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